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"Just Married" 
watercolour on illustration board  *
commissioned as gifts for the wedding party

"The Metamorphosis of Cassia"
acrylic on canvas *
commissioned as gift for 12th birthday

"Poppy Among the Poppies"
 acrylic on textured canvas  *
 commissioned work

"Isaac's World"
acrylic on textured canvas  *
commissioned for 12th birthday gift


A grouping of small candid images are put together with a traditional portrait style image in one painting. A montage will truly capture a person's (or in the case of Odie and Megan) a pet's real personality! Especially suited to those with muli-talents! A montage piece may be created with multiple subjects as well, would make a great family memento. 

"Memories of Megan"
acrylic on textured canvas  *
commissioned Montage Portrait

The commissions for a 12th birthday gift were all from the same Dad; as his children turned twelve they participated with me for live sittings and had input as to how they would be portrayed. Erin was the first, then Cassia and finally Isaac. I wonder how they're doing now! 

"Happy Birthday Erin!"
acrylic on canvas  *
commissioned for a 12th Birthday gift

"Captn' Jack" 
demo drawing; pencil on paper

<  Commission May 2015 *

Details for "Carol's Garden" came about through meditating upon the client's request; I saw her in a sea of daisys and tiny white flowers. When I presented the floral idea he stated that Carol loved flowers so much he had them in his budget ...then he sent me pics of her favourites, they were baby's breathe and Gerber Daisys! I seem to have a sixth sense about my commissions.
"Siren of the Lake" 
graphite on linen rag paper
For my beautiful niece Sylvia. 

commission value estimates at $200.00  9 x 12" graphite 

< Compagnion Piece for Carol's Garden

Sadly my client [friend and coleague] passed away, in tribute to him I painted this portrait for his family. Tom Minard RIP. 

"...uhuhuhUPSIE DAISEY!" 
acrylic on textured gallery wrapped canvas
A Shower-gift for another beautiful niece,
Kelsey and her sweet baby Emilia

The texture was created first, with collaged bits of lace,
paper doilies, tissue and so on; then the background was done with splatterings and drippings of thinned acrylics,
next the face areas were gessoed white prior to painting.
commission value estimates at $500.00 for an 18 x 14" acrylic GW canvas 

"Forever Next To You"
acrylic on canvas

A gift of love and friendship; commissioned to memorialize my client's friend's Dad, and a keepsake of images for Kingston as the family has moved away. There is a bench in memory of Vin Deodato in the park depicted in my painting. My client wished to imortalize each of them laughing together, "they laughed so much alike!" The reference of Vincent was a very old one, but I think I captured him anyways. 

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