My favourite subject ... "Friendship Mermaids" [right] was made as a gift for a friend who when we first met our butts hit each other; after excusing ourselves she said to me, "You realize this means we're going to be friends right? ...whenever you bump into bums like we just did, it means a good friendship will grow" ... and by gosh, she was right! This was a birthday card in watercolour made for my amazing friend Nancy.  The mermaids resemble us too ... LOL. 
"Swimming Mermaid"  *
 charcoal on crumpled tissue paper
"Four Mermaids"
charcoal on crumpled tissue paper
"Mermaid with Hand Mirror"
charcoal on crumpled tissue paper
"Saga of the Sea"
commissioned by Pilot House of Kingston
acrylic on masonite
"The Mermaiden's Tree"
 designed for a Christmas Card

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