Figure Studies     under construction, more to come. 
First acrylic on textured canvas painting in a series exploring movement.

"The Piccolino"

"Contemplating Choreography" 
  acrylic on canvas  
  $2,000.00 framed. 
Reference: 2 hour live sitting and photograph
"Reach For the Sky!"
acrylic on canvas  *
"The Veils of Isis"
 framed w/ acid free red matt board in silver metal 
"Colette's Sweater"
12 x 16" unframed
"Siobhan's Sari" [2]
 acrylic on textured canvas; framed 16 x 20" 
"Vermilion Chair" [3]
acrylic on textured canvas; 20 x 24"

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